Baby Proofing Your Home


Whether you live in Marshall Township, the township of Cranberry PA or or somewhere else, when you have a newborn baby, you have a lot to think about. And in keeping your baby safe, it’s important to remember to baby proof your house so your child won’t have any accidents. This is why we’ve created a short list of some easy ways on how to babyproof your home.


Baby Proof Your Home:

1. Get on there level. A great way to baby proof things is to get down on your hands and knees and crawl around! Being on your baby’s level is a great way to figure out just what your child might reach for, try to open, put in their mouth or bump their head on.Your baby is at a prime age for discovery and will be sure to try to get into every nook and crannie. So get on the ground and find them before your baby does!

2. Move ‘em on up. If you have any low cabinets (which much of the housing in Pittsburgh does) with cleaning solutions, chemicals, poisons or tiny and sharp objects, move these objects to a higher cabinet. Get them out of reach of your baby and get used to them being higher up! When your baby starts crawling and climbing, you’ll be thankful you put these objects higher up when you did.

3. A gated community. Don’t be afraid to use gates. Baby gates are a perfect way to keep your child out of areas that are dangerous for him or her to be crawling around in. They’re great for stairs or keeping baby’s out of any rooms that might have delicate furniture, glass objects or anything else that might be the cause of an unwanted accident!


No matter where you live, the parent of a newborn baby has a lot on his or her mind. And it’s therefore easy to forget essential details when babyproofing your home! And yet, it cannot be stressed enough how important a thorough babyproofing really is. For a better guide on how to babyproof your piece of real estate in PA, check out’s “Babyproofing” here: