Being Part of a Community


Located 20 minutes away from one of the countries major cities, but still between two happening towns (the township of Cranberry PA and McCandless Township), Venango Trails, of Marshall Township, is a state of the art housing complex. And while you might think it’s ‘state of the art’ because of its individually designed homes, the fact that each home runs 35% more energy efficient than the national Home Energy Rating System requires or because it’s located in the nationally ranked North Allegheny School District, those reasons are not actually what we’re talking about. Rather, we’re talking about something better, something bigger, and something most housing complexes today no longer have. We’re talking about community.

Venango Trails is not just a housing complex. It’s a community. It’s a place where, when the beeps and buzzes of technology become too much, you can walk outside and escape to its 2 acre lake, 8.3 acre surrounding park area and 88 acres of preserved land. It’s a place to meet others with the same taste for community as you, and a place to come together with friends, walk around and explore on a warm Summer’s night. And when you’re looking to do something a bit more organized, like hosting a large party, Venango Trails’ Community Center is the perfect place! Located right next to the lake, Venango Trails’ Community Center is 5,000 square feet and offers a large private event space, expansive outdoor porches and gathering spaces, a smaller community “pub room” for intimate gatherings, a fitness center and business office. It’s the perfect place to meet your neighbors and welcome others into the Venango Community.

And that’s the best part of Venango Trails. It’s not the fact that your backyard is a piece of American History or that the streets are lined with trees and street lights to give you that traditional neighborhood feel while living in your uniquely designed modern home. Rather, it’s the fact that you can always meet someone new. It’s the fact that you can walk outside and know your neighbor, and the fact that when you own a home in Venango Trails, you are part of something bigger, you are part of a community.