The Homeowner’s How-To

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Buying your first home is quite the experience! And when you buy a home, whether it be in Marshall Township, the township of Cranberry PA or anywhere else, it’s good to be prepared with a few homeowner skills just in case you need them. Even if you’re buying a new piece of real estate in PA, like a brand new Venango Trails dream home, knowing how to unclog a sink or remove a stripped screw will undoubtedly come in handy! That’s why, as new house builders, we here at Venango Trails have put together a short list of a few essential how-to’s!

Homeowner’s How-To

1. Moving a Refrigerator. Once you settle into your new house in Pittsburgh, you’ll most likely be faced with having to move and position your refrigerator. A great way to do this is with Magic Sliders. Position these bad boys under your refrigerator’s feet and then pull and position!

2. Unclog Your Sink. Most plumbers would agree, chemicals rarely fix a clogged sink. What they do do, is burn a hole through the clog, but this will only last for so long. Before you call the plumber, a great trick to unclogging a sink is using a plunger! Fill the sink with a little bit of water (this will assure suction and pressure) and then slowly plunge away!

3. Remove a Stripped Screw. When it comes to hanging up shelves or pictures in your new Pittsburgh housing, you may experience a stripped screw or two. If you do, try placing a wide rubber band between the screw head and the screw driver. Sometimes, this will create just enough friction to get the screw out of the wall and get you on your way!

4. Shoveling your Driveway. Especially when you’ve shacked up in housing in Pittsburgh PA, you’re going to experience a snowy driveway. When this happens, there are a few things to remember about safe shoveling. Try to avoid early morning shoveling. Blood clots easier in the morning, and waiting until a little later can avoid serious injury – like heart attack. Try using the plow technique. Snow can be incredibly heavy, but plowing the snow with your shovel is much easier on your body. If you can’t plow, remember to lift with your legs and walk to where you’ll dump the snow. And if you get tired, don’t be afraid to take a minute to breath and go eat and drink something. Because of the cold temperatures, often times one won’t notice how exhausted and dehydrated he or she is until it has become dangerous!

Buying a new home is a fun and exciting experience. And whether you live in a more traditional neighborhood design, or a more modern one, having these homeowner skills will undoubtedly come in handy.

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