Indoor Gardening


The weather may be changing, but that doesn’t mean the gardening has to stop. When you own a piece of real estate in PA, gardening can happen all year round. Buying your own home in the quaint little community of Venango Trails, located in the suburban Marshall Township, means that when the weather begins to get cool you can garden indoors! Indoor gardening is popular amongst homeowners and for good reason, too. There are many benefits to indoor gardening, and we here at Venango Trails will let you in on what some of them are!


Benefits of Indoor Gardening

1. Clean Air. You know those clean air filters you see at stores? The one’s that promise to leave you with fresh air? Well, plant’s are natural air filters that leave you with naturally fresh air. In fact, they can remove 87% of air toxins within 24 hours. And they absorb toxins you can’t see and probably don’t know are even there. Plants absorb formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, allergens and tons of other toxins that are being released from adhesives, caulking material, detergents, furniture and more!

2. Decrease Stress. Just like gardening outdoors, indoor gardening can help reduce stress, too! Having plants around your home, especially those in need of sunlight, will help brighten your home and increase your intake of vitamin D. Additionally, a study at Washington State University showed that indoor plants can lower systolic blood pressure by four points!

3. Feel Healthy. That’s right. Indoor plants can actually make you feel healthy! Indoor plants help to increase the humidity level within a home. This can help to alleviate dry nose, dry throat and other symptoms due to a dry environment, ultimately relieving you from feeling sick and rundown when you wake up in the morning.

4. Save Money. If you’re more of the eat-what-you-grow kind of person, indoor gardening can help you save big! A popular indoor gardening choice is to fill your kitchen and home with different herbs. Popular herbs to grow indoors include rosemary, cilantro, thyme, parsley, mint and many more. When the herbs are finally fully mature, you can pick your own without the worry of where they’ve been or what chemicals might have been used on them.
When you buy a home in Pittsburgh, you’re going to find that the weather tends to change. But don’t let that prevent you from getting your garden on! When buying a home, like a beautiful Venango Trails dream house, you can bring your garden indoors and benefit in more ways than you ever imagined. Venango Trails, the pathway to your future.