Throw a Great Halloween Party

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One of the best parts about Halloween is having a reason to dress up and hang out with friends. And one of the best parts about owning a piece of real estate in PA, like a Venango Trails dream home located in Marshall Township, is that you always have a place to host a get together. It’s one of the many perks of being a proud homeowner, but it’s important that as the homeowner you throw a party right. That’s why we here at Venango Trails have compiled a list of tips on how to throw a Halloween party to remember.


Halloween Party How-To

1. Theme. While it might be easy to make ‘Halloween’ the theme, we here at Venango Trails are going to put the kabosh on that. Using a broad theme like ‘Halloween’ risks having stragglers throw on a sports jersey or tie and claim that as their costume. When you want people to really get dressed up for your Halloween party, make the theme more specific, like Vampires or Monsters. Creativity tends to sprout when it’s limited.

2. Date. You’ll have it on October 31st, right? Wrong! Having your party on Halloween not only risks having to throw your party on a weekday, but is also asking for endless party interruptions from doorbell ringing trick or treaters. Choose the weekend before or after Halloween and you’ll be in the clear.

3. Extra Costumes. Friend not wearing a costume? Not to worry! Anticipate guests who might not wear a costume by having a bucket of extra costumes. If you’re theme is Vampire, maybe have a bucket of vampire teeth and capes. If your theme is monster, ripped shirts with fake blood can do the trick!

4. Music. While it is Halloween, which calls for Halloween appropriate music, it is also still a party. Interspersing Halloween themed songs like, “Thriller” or even “Ghostbusters” between the hip party music you and your friends would normally listen to is a great way to keep the fun and ghoulish mood in full swing.

5. Decorations. In addition to making costumes easier for guests, having a theme also helps when it comes to decorations. Classic Halloween decorations that generally apply to all themes include spiderwebs, fog machines, black lights, strobe lights, pumpkins and skeletons. It may also be a nice idea to have spooky entertainment, like an Ouija board, so friends can have something to do when not up and about.

6. Food. Another great perk to having a specific theme, it makes it easy when choosing what food to make for the party. Some traditional Halloween crowd pleasers include cups of dirt (chocolate pudding and mashed up oreos) with gummy worms, “blood” shots, and chicken “witch” fingers.

Hosting a Halloween party shouldn’t be nerve wracking and stressful, hosting a Halloween party should be fun. And when you live in a traditional neighborhood design, like the community fostering Venango Trails, hosting a Halloween party can be a great time for everyone. Just follow our six tips to Halloween hosting success and you’ll have thrown the perfect Halloween party in your new Pittsburgh PA home in no time.