Last Minute New Years Eve Party


In just one day 2013 will be over and the new year will be starting. And while this often means resolutions, new diets and workout plans, it is also your last chance to party in 2013! Accompanied by hopeful dreams and glasses of champagne, a New Years Eve party is the classiest event of the year, making your brand new Marshall Township PA Venango Trails home the perfect place to throw one. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to throwing the most dashing last minute New Years Eve party in your new Pittsburgh PA home.


Last Minute New Years Eve Party

1. Decorate. New Years Eve is a time that calls for celebratory decorations! Head over to a local dollar store for some glittery streamers, cute signs and other New Years Eve decorations that you can hang up in your home. Buying New Years Eve party handouts, including silly glasses, noisemakers, and even confetti, can also help to create that New Years Eve celebration you’re going for.

2. Dress Code. A great way to ensure everyone is in the spirit of celebration is by having a dress code. Classic New Years Eve attire, such as a suit and tie or a dress, is always a good choice, though it may be fun to take the party-theme route, too! Which ever you decide, having the guests dress up will get the party started from the moment they walk in.

3. Games. Because people will be showing up a few hours before midnight, it’s important to have entertainment leading up to the ball drop. Great party games include Taboo, Pictionary, and Scattergories. For a short list of a few more party games, click here:

4. Alcohol. While alcohol is a staple at any New Years Eve party, it’s also important to provide non-alcoholic drinks, like sparkling cider, soda, and juices. And remember, as important as alcohol may seem, it’s even more important to drink responsibly.

5. Food. It’s not necessary to cook a large dinner for your New Years Eve party guests, but a few snacks, such as vegetables and dip, pretzels, trail mix, and more, will usually suffice. If guests do get hungry, ordering a few pizzas from your local pizza parlor is a great back-up plan.

6. Music. It may be a New Years Eve party, but every good party has good music. Prepare your playlist ahead of time with hit songs you know your guests will love. Maybe create a countdown list of this past years best songs, and in general, be sure to throw some classics in their, too!

7. The Ball Drop. This is the event of the night, so don’t miss it. Grab the noisemakers, grab the confetti, grab the champagne and get ready to make it pop. Making a racket at midnight is a traditional and always fun way to bring in the new year!


2013 is coming to an end. What better way to welcome in the new year than in the comfort of your brand new Pittsburgh housing? There isn’t! With our party tips, and your friends and family, you’ll throw a party your guests will be talking about well into 2014! So, get the most out of your Venango Trails home, and have a happy New Year.