Conserve Water At Home

Marshall Township PA conserve water at home new homes in pittsburgh

It’s not just a rumor going around Marshall Township PA. It’s a fact that the custom homes in the new neighborhood of Venango Trails are 35% more energy efficient than the Home Energy Rating System requires. And incase you couldn’t tell from that aforementioned fact, we at Venango Trails are a team of custom home builders that strive to be eco-friendly. That’s why we’ve put together four of our favorite ways in which you can save water around your home.


Conserve Water

1. Watering Plants. Watering plants is important, but when done incorrectly it can be one of the biggest water wasters. The most efficient times to water plants are between the hours of 10pm and 6am. Watering plants when the sun is no longer out will ensure the least amount of water evaporation and the most amount of water being soaked up by your plants.

2. Sprinklers. Before letting your hose or sprinkler run for a few hours, check to see that both are fully intact. A leaky hose or sprinkler head can waste a ton of water. Additionally, make sure your sprinkler is hitting as little of the sidewalk, road, driveway, or other unnecessary watering space as possible.

3. The Sink. Many people tend to let the sink run while they’re washing their face, brushing their teeth, or even doing dishes. Instead of letting it run, turn the sink off at unused moments. In addition, a great technique for washing dishes is filling an already clean bowl with hot water and soap. Dip the sponge in this bowl and only turn on the faucet when it is time to rinse the soap off the dish. This will save both water and soap!

4. Type of Plants. When it comes to gardening you have many options of what to plant. Consider planting something that is less water dependent. Less water dependent plants mean less water usage, less maintenance, and therefore more time to do other important activities.


Whether you live in Marshall Township PA,  Cranberry Township PA, the North Hills, or anywhere else in America, caring for the environment is important. Fortunately, moving into an energy efficient home, like those for sale in Venango Trails, is a great way to start! Love the world you live in. Take care of the Earth around you. Plant your roots in Venango Trails.