Keep Cool & Save Energy

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Venango Trails is a community that is environmentally conscious. In fact, not only have 88 of our 325 acres been donated to the Allegheny Land Trust to ensure preservation, but Venango Trails award winning homes are 35% more energy efficient than required by the Home Energy Rating System. Pittsburgh, PA is a progressive city, and as home builders in Pittsburgh, PA we feel responsible to spread environmental consciousness. That’s why we’ve put together a short list on how to keep cool this summer while saving energy.


Keep Cool and Save Energy

Open Windows. Summer in Marshall Township, PA can get hot, though there are definitely some cooler times. When it’s more cool outside than it is inside, whether it be certain days or certain times of day, open your windows instead of using air conditioning. Opening multiple windows and putting a fan in one blowing towards the outside will help pull cooler air indoors and push hot air out.

housing developments in pittsburgh pa new homes cranberry township paBlinds. Blinds aren’t just for night time. When it’s hotter outside than it is indoors, close the windows of your new Pittsburgh, PA real estate and block the sun with shades or blinds.

Hot Tasks. You can live in a new house in Cranberry Township, Marshall Township, or any other surrounding area, but when you live in the Pittsburgh, PA region some days are just scorchers. When this happens, save your heat producing tasks, such as long showers, cooking, or running the dishwasher, for the cooler parts of the day. Additionally, when cooking, use your exhaust fan to remove heat from the kitchen, and when showering, use your bath fan to remove heat and moisture from the bathroom.

Trees are the natural cooler. Planting trees on both the east and west sides of your home will reduce heat from the sun entering your home’s windows and ultimately improve comfort and privacy. Additionally, trees are great for the environment and can even help boost property value.

Light Bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs have been known to lose 90% of their energy to heat. That means that only 10% of incandescent light bulb energy produces light! CFL and LED light bulbs are cooler and less expensive to use because most their energy produces light. Switching to CFL and LED light bulbs will help save energy, money, and brighten your home.


Pittsburgh, PA is a progressive city. As a company building new homes in Pittsburgh, PA, it is our duty to promote such progress. Venango Trails is a community that takes pride in being environmentally conscious. To learn more about Venango Trails and what we have to offer, visit us at our website here: