Summer Storage Ideas

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Summer is on its way out. In just a few weeks North Allegheny School District students will be in full fledge school mode and families all over the North East will be switching out their summer gear for autumn gear. Before making the seasonal switch, however, it’s important to know how you’ll be storing your summer gear. Fortunately, as new home builders in the Pittsburgh, PA region, we’ve put together a short list of a few creative ways to help keep your gear organized and out of the way.


Store the Summer Season

Comforter Packaging. Now that you’re unpacked in your new neighborhood, don’t throw away your comforter packages just yet. Comforter packages are a great way to store seasonal clothing. Plastic, clear and fit with a zipper, comforter packaging will keep the dust off and allow you to easily identify and access what you are looking for.

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Ottoman. You live in a new house in Pittsburgh, PA, which means it’s time to get a new couch.  When searching for your new couch, consider buying a storage ottoman, too. An ottoman with a center storage unit is easily accessible and will help hide your seasonal storage in plain sight!

Suitcases. Perfect for clothing and easy to store, great places to to hide your seasonal gear are suitcases. Often built with clamps or zippers, suitcases will keep off unwanted dust and keep out unwanted moths. And when it comes time to go on vacation, just switch out your clothes before you leave and put them back upon return.

Drawers on Casters. Keep your summer storage out of sight by using drawers on casters. Perfect for clothes and toys, drawers on casters can easily slide in and out from under the bed making your gear accessible at any time.

pittsburgh pa homes new houses cranberry township pa summer storage ideas

Ceiling Tracks. When it’s time to get serious about seasonal storage, think ceiling tracks. Installing ceiling tracks on the ceiling of your garage will allow you to easily slide large storage bins in and out, while optimizing for space and keeping your things safe and out of sight.

A change in season means a change in gear. Organize the changing season by using some of our creative storage techniques to store your summer gear. And once your seasonal storage is organized and set aside, enjoy the comforts and luxury of your award winning Venango Trails home.