7 Safety Tips for the 4th of July

fireworks safety tips

Independence Day is tomorrow and the country will be celebrating with backyard barbecues and grand displays of fireworks. When you live an awesome community like Venango Trails there’s no shortage of celebrations.





If you will be outdoors grilling and celebrating with fireworks we ask that you use the following safety tips provided by surfnetkids.com. The 4th of July has the most fire-related damages compared to all of the other days of the year. So when using fireworks, also be sure to use caution.


Tip #1

fire extinguisher






Have a fire extinguisher readily available. This way if there was an accidental fire, the fire can be put out quickly.


Tip #2

bucket and hose







Have water buckets and a hose available. This is also important in the case that a fire becomes larger than a small extinguisher can take care of.


Tip #3






Bird safety is also important when it comes to 4th of July decorations. They end up eating the decorations, getting caught in them or getting hurt. If you have a family bird, or even if you want to consider the safety of a wild bird, keep in mind that the bright colors of red, white and blue will attract a bird as a chew toy.


Tip #4






Alcohol is a favorite of many for the holiday celebrations. However, it is important to keep alcohol away from children and animals. There is a potential risk of alcohol poisoning if consumed by a child or animal.


Tip #5

choking hazard




Some decorations have smaller parts, or dangerous chemicals. This is another area that can be dangerous to small children and animals. If there is going to be small children and animals around, it is important to make sure that the decorations are safe in the lower areas.


Tip #6







When you are disposing of 4th of July decorations and fireworks, make sure that they are completely free of heat and fire. This way there will not be a smoldering fire happening after the party is over.


Tip #7

safety area fireworks





When you decorate the area that you will be setting off fireworks, it is important to make sure that the decorations are a safe distance from the actual fireworks. This should be a roped off area, that is away from children.

We hope you have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow and get to spend the day with friends and family. If you have any safety tips you’d like to add, feel free to comment below. See to the full article on 4th of July safety tips from surnetfkids.net just follow this link.

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