Chimney Safety

Fall is officially upon us which means the temperatures will be dropping soon. Many people like to warm up their homes using a fireplace. It saves on energy bills, provides a great smell and gets everyone gathered in the same room. What’s not to like?


Creosote in the Flue

Fire safety is extremely important when operating a fireplace. A common mistake that new fireplace owner’s typically make their first time is forgetting to open the fireplace’s flue and filling their living room with smoke. Yikes! It’s a mistake that’s usually only made once before learning. Flue fires can also be an event you’ll want to watch out for. After burning wood it forms into a gooey like substance known as creosote. The best way to keep your chimney creosote free is to call a professional chimney sweep.


Chimney Sweeps

Professional chimney sweeps know the ins and outs of fireplace maintenance and can remove any amount of dangerous build-up from almost any chimney. Although, while hiring a professional will always work, there are also many ways in which you can prevent flue fires on your own, like taking precautionary measures when creating a fire and choosing which materials you will burn.


How to Prevent Chimney Fires

Rather than building a large fire, try and build a smaller fire that emits a greater amount of heat. This way the debris from the fire will head directly up the chimney at a rapid pace, thus eliminating any possible build-up. Additionally, make sure that the wood you use is dry and not wet. Wet wood produces a lot more soot than dry wood does. The best kind of wood to use for a fire is dry seasoned wood. Seasoned wood is not green in color, while wood that is not seasoned will take on a green appearance. Another option is using a pre-packaged log. Pre-packaged logs can be purchased in stores and will produce a smaller amount of soot than any kind of natural wood.


Fall is a great time to huddle up with the family in front of a nice warm fire. Just be sure to get familiar with your Venango Trails Home’s fireplace before deciding to throw on a couple of logs. We hope you enjoy this wonderful season!


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