Cozy Your Home For Fall


The long days of Summer are approaching their end. Students will be returning to North Allegheny Schools in just a few days, and as they do the air outside will become cooler, the sky darker quicker and homeowners all over Marshall Township will be cozying up their piece of real estate in PA for the fall season. And as anyone who has shacked up in housing in Pittsburgh knows, the seasons here have very different feels, which is important to reflect in your home! To help you out, we here at Venango Trails are sharing some cute ideas on how to cozy up your home for the in coming season.


Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

1. Color Scheme. A large part of making your home feel Fall fit is adjusting its color scheme. While Summer colors generally include vibrant shades of blue, yellows and greens, Autumn colors tend to reflect the changes happening outdoors. Great Autumn colors are rustic shades of barn red, orange and yellow, as well as smoother shades of cream and forest greens.

2. Table Pieces. A great way to pull a room together is with table centerpieces. While many homes lean towards tiny gourds and decorative corns, another great direction is bulrush. This wheat colored plant is usually in surplus around any nearby wetland, and when you pick a few pieces and place them in a glass jar with a small layer of Earth toned pebbles, you’ve got yourself a great Fall fit.

3. Candles. Fall is a time of warm colors, and there are few things warmer than the soft glow of a candle. Placing Autumn colored candles around your home is a Fall fit way to help develop your home’s color scheme, while at the same time creating that perfect Autumn aura.

4. Nostalgia. There is something about the changing Fall season that seeps with subtle nostalgia. A great Fall fit are black and white photographs. Black and white photographs look great in a brown wooden frame to match the natural colors of your cozy autumn home.

As fun and enjoyable as Summer is, there is nothing like the warm cozy feeling of a home in Autumn. And when you settle into your Venango Trails dream home, the 88 acres of preserved land that’s ready to explore, mixed with the decorations of a Fall fit home, will make sure that you have the perfect Autumn experience.

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