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Now that you’re moved into your new custom home in Marshall Township PA, it’s time to start thinking rooms. It’s usually fairly easy to decide which room is the master bedroom, but what will you do with the rest? Children’s rooms? Guest rooms? Home office? How about a home gym? And while the Venango Trails community center (which is starting construction in just a few weeks!) will have a gym specifically for Venango Trail homeowners, sometimes it’s nice to have something special all to yourself. That’s why we here at Venango Trails have put together a short list on how-to create the perfect at-home-gym.

Create An At-Home-Gym

1. Space. The first step to creating an at-home-gym is figuring out how much space you will use. Consider what you plan on doing in the gym and what kind of machinery you may need to fit inside. Basements are usually great spots because they offer a ton of unused space.

2. Flooring. For many gyms, rubber flooring is a no brainer. When it comes to creating a gym at home, however, you may want something more comfortable and visually pleasing. Installing carpet over rubber flooring can provide for a comfortable floor to exercise on that is also aesthetically pleasing.

3. Air. Don’t forget that gyms tend to get really hot and smell like sweat. Avoid these problems in your home gym by installing ceiling fans and/or making sure your gym is in a room with windows.

4. Mirrors. Consider installing a wall length mirror. Having mirrors in your gym can help to ensure your form is correct and ultimately avoid unwanted injuries. Additionally, mirrors can help brighten up a room, providing that extra bit of light and boost of Vitamin D your body needs.

5. Color. The color of a room can greatly affect your mood. If you’re looking for a workout where you can get jazzed up and energized, considering painting your at-home-gym a bright and vibrant color. If you’re looking for a room to perform yoga, meditate, or a different sort of more relaxed workout, consider calmer and more soothing colors.

6. Visualize. There is no doubt that visualizations help to motivate. Get yourself motivated by decorating your at-home-gym with photos, slogans, and knick-knacks that may help you get up and get motivated.

Situated between the township of Cranberry PA and McCandless Township, you’ve found the perfect spot, Marshall Township PA.  And now that you’ve decided to plant your roots in Venango Trails, it’s finally time to get in shape. Maximize your Venango Trails home to its fullest potential when you create the perfect at-home-gym.

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