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When you own a piece of real estate in PA, like a home in the Venango Trails community, it’s inevitable that once October rolls around you’ll find your neighborhood getting a bit more spooky! Halloween is a long lasting tradition in America, and one that families with children throughout Pittsburgh and its neighboring suburbs like Marshall Township and the township of Cranberry PA love to celebrate. It’s festive time of year, and like any other festive time of year, the more people the merrier! Thats why we at Venango Trails are here to help you decorate for the Halloween season!


Halloween Decoration Ideas


1. Pumpkin. The most classic decoration for any Halloween home is, of course, the pumpkin! Whether you like to carve, paint, sculpt, or just enjoy the unscathed pumpkin look, a pumpkin on your porch is traditional and one way you can’t go wrong!


2. Candles. While it might be a bit dangerous to leave lit candles on the outside of your home at night, a few unlit, but half melted, candles can certainly do the trick! Half melted candles are spooky and will give visitors the sense that something eerie happened just before they arrived!


3. Cobwebs. While fake cobwebs may seem a bit cliche, it really depends on how you use them! A great way to decorate with cobwebs, that is also a bit unconventional, is to ball a bunch of them up and hang them from your trees! Plop a spider or two on each of the cobwebs and your home will be spookier than ever!


4. Sticks. Go around your home or the wooded pathways of Venango Trails and collect a few bundles of sticks. Tangle them together and leave them around the outside of your home or even hang them over doorways to create a creepy aura that feels old and decrepit!

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5. Crows. There is nothing too ghoulish about a single black crow, but a flock of crows can certainly set the supernatural tone you’re looking for. Go to a local craft store and buy a few fake black crowes. Plant them all around a fence, a porch bench, or even a tree, and your home will feel dark and ominous in no time.


6. Witches Brooms. If you don’t own a straw broom, no worries you can make your own. Grab a wooden pole, some string and a bundle of sticks. Wrap the bundle of sticks on one end of the pole and voila! You can even paint the pole and sticks festive colors like black, orange, purple or white to create an extra frightening effect!

Owning a home in a more traditional neighborhood design, like Venango Trails, is an incredible experience. It’s living in the type of welcoming neighborhood that also fosters community and takes pride in celebration. So, choose Venango Trails to start your new life. And when you do, don’t forget to join the fun!

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