Decorating on a Budget


While Marshall Township PA is a magnificent place to raise a family, there is no denying that owning a home is expensive. That’s why when it comes to decorating one, you should be able to get the look you love at an affordable price. Lucky for you, as home builders in Pittsburgh PA, we here at Venango Trails have an appreciation for home decor that is both low cost and invigorating. So check out our list of neat and creative ways to decorate your home for little to nothing!


Affordable Decorating

Fabric as Art. If you have neat pieces of extra fabric lying around your home, don’t waste them. Cut a swatch of fabric for a picture frame. Stretch a large piece over a canvas and hang it on the wall. Decor like this can cost a pretty penny in a store when it can be made for next to nothing at home!

Jars. Use open top glass mason jars to store extra things. Smaller ones are great for pens, pencils, paint brushes and other stick instruments, while larger ones are great for puzzle pieces, spare change, or even toys like legos. And if you have some extra paint left over from another house project, painting the jar lids is a great way to color coordinate while also pulling the room together.

Old Crate. If you have an old wooden crate lying around, use it! When turned on its side, an old wooden crate can make a great shelf for storing books and other knick-knacks. And if you’re not liking it’s naturally rustic feel, try coating the bottom of the crate with wrapping paper (or left over fabric!).

Old Maps. If you’re thinking about wallpaper in a room or bathroom, before buying a ton of it, consider papering the room in old maps. Making your own wallpaper using local maps, maps of places you’ve traveled to, or even places you haven’t, is a great way to create an atmosphere of adventure that can often become a fantastic conversation starter later.

Frame Illustrations. Buying illustrations to frame can get a bit expensive. Grab your favorite book or magazine, cut out a few of your favorite illustrations and mat them to a frame. This is an affordable way to decorate your home with beautiful illustrations that are also reflective of who you are.

When you’re figuring out how to start a new life in your beautiful Venango Trails home, things can get expensive. That’s why when decorating your home things should stay affordable and easy. Love your piece ofreal estate in PA and make it reflect who your family is with a few of our Venango Trails easy and affordable decorating tips.


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