Helping Your Child Adjust


Being a kid can be tough. And being the new kid can be even harder. When moving a family to a new piece of real estate in PA or any other state, it’s important to remember that your child is still just a child and that this move will not have the same effect it’s having on you. Helping your child adjust to the move is as important as the move itself, which is why we’ve composed a short list of what you can do to make it easier!

1. Have a Discussion. Discussing the move with your children as soon as you know it’s happening is important. Whether you’re moving to Marshall Township PA, the township of Cranberry PA or somewhere else, provide your child with as much information about the new town or city in which you’re moving. Let them ask questions and answer those questions truthfully. In addition, be open to both positive and negative reactions because you’re sure to get a little of both.

2. Involve Your Child. Involving your child is a way to help them get excited about the move. So long as it’s appropriate, let your child help pick out what color to paint their room, or even let him or her help decide a schedule of which days to pack up which things.

3. Under six. Sometimes when you move with children that have yet to start school, moving can be easier since the change in routine for them will seem less apparent. And yet, for children of this age it is still important that they understand what is happening. In a case like this, try explaining the moving situation through a story. And when the move finally happens, hold off on ridding your home of your childs old bedroom furniture. This furniture may provide a sense of stability and comfort that can easily be lost in a time like this.

4. A New Space. Before getting the rest of your home in order, help your child put together his or her bedroom. Doing this, along with such tactics as keeping a steady time for meals, can help maintain that sense of familiarity and stability.

5. School. Even in a school district like the North Allegheny School District, being the new kid in class can be tough! Most researches say that it usually take about 6 weeks for a child to feel comfortable in a new class environment. Give your child time to adjust and help your child feel comfortable by making them feel less alone. Speak to your child about his or her day and go through the moving process with him or her. As an adult socializing often seems less important than it does to a child!

So remember, moving can be tough. But when you move to a new community as luscious and beautiful as Venango Trails and you follow these few steps, you and your family will adjust to your new life in no time!

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