Is It Better to Buy a New or Resale Home in Today’s Economy?

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In today’s market, buying a home on resale might sound like a smart decision. Often times, resale homes will be a little cheaper and the neighborhood might already have some credibility. And yet, while resale homes are great and have many advantages, when you finally decide that the time of when to buy a house is now, it might actually be smarter in today’s day and age to find a home for sale that is brand new. The following is a list of advantages to a new home:



  1. Building Codes. In the past 4 or 5 years alone, building codes have drastically been changing in order to develop homes that are more energy efficient. While many resale homes have older sealant and single-pan windows, homes being built today use the latest technology in sealant and can be seen with windows as much as quadruple-panned, two factors that will help keep cool air in in the summer and warm air in in the winter.
  2. A Green Interior. Many of the homes built today have an interior that is already conditioned for green appliances. That is appliances such as energy-efficient stoves, washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators and much more that will ultimately save you money, money that older houses unfit for such green appliances won’t save you.
  3. Repairs. While older homes have already experienced years of wear and tear, newer homes haven’t. That means that buying a new home means paying for less repairs than you might with a resale home. Not to mention, new homes are built with the most modern of technology, technology that seals better, stands better, and survives longer. Investing in a new home now is an investment of your future.
  4. Fire Safety. When building a new home today, strict measures are often taken in terms of fire safety. Many of the new houses for sale today are being built with fire-retardant carpeting and insulation, and even hard wired fire detectors – a fire detector much more reliable than a battery operated one which can fail if its battery runs out and the homeowner forgets to change it.
  5. Pricing. Often times homeowners become very attached to their homes. It is therefore easier to finagle a price on a company selling new homes in a neighborhood where taking a bit of a hit on the price of one home, out of the many homes, won’t matter for the company, as opposed to the owner of a single home where the price for him or her drastically makes a difference.

So why buy a new home over a resale home? Well, it’s really simple. After breaking down the five reasons above, when you buy a new home in Venango Trails, you get the best quality home one can build, so you can start building your life.


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