Scents of Spring

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While it may not seem like it sometimes, the truth is is that winter is on its way out! Soon all the snow will be gone, the air will begin to feel warmer, and we can all begin to find our way out of our Marshall Township PA homes and Cranberry Township PA homes. In just 20 days spring will be here, and with spring comes the beautiful smell of a blossoming Pittsburgh PA. Therefore, to keep your mind focused on the coming spring, we here at Venango Trails have put together a list of natural scents that will not only help fill your home with the aura of spring, but also help enhance your life!

The Scents of Springs

1. Peppermint. Not only is the smell of peppermint fresh, but it’s also been proven to keep us more alert and even help us accomplish tedious tasks. Additionally, peppermint has been known to enhance work ethic and even stifle cravings for cigarettes.

2. Coffee. While we all know that drinking coffee will help enhance our work performance, what about smelling it? It’s true! Just the smell of coffee alone can help wake one up and feel ready to conquer the day.

3. Jasmine and Oranges. While both scents smell good by themselves, did you know they both also have a similar side effect? The scent of jasmine and orange have been known to help reduce feelings of anxiety, which is exactly what we all need when it comes time to tackle the spring cleaning of our Pittsburgh housing!

4. Rosemary. Having the scent of rosemary around the home can result in two things (three if we’re talking cooking!). Similarly to peppermint and coffee, rosemary has been known to help increase alertness, but also long term memory.

5. Lavender. It’s no wonder there are so many candles and laundry detergent that are made to smell like lavender. Lavender not only smells great, but is also fantastic when it comes to taking a moment to relax in your piece of real estate in PA.


Spring is on its way. And when you live in a new home in Marshall Township PA, or one of its neighboring towns like the township of Cranberry PA, you’ll find that with the beauty of spring comes the aroma of a fresh start! So, fill your housing in Pittsburgh PA with the scents that will enhance your life. And love the life you live when you own a home in Venango Trails.


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