Small Ways to Save Big

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Whether your dream home is the more traditional neighborhood design, the row styled housing in Pittsburgh PA, or the suburban community feel of places like Marshall Township and Cranberry Township, buying a home will cost you money. And when you’re no longer looking for real estate in PA and you’ve finally chosen your cozy abode, the cost of simple living can get expensive too! But it doesn’t have to. We here at Venango Trails have composed a small list of everyday tricks that will help save your cash!


Small Tricks that Add Up:

  1. Landline. If you’re a home that is still using a landline, consider losing the landline. Many homes today are switching to just using cell phones instead of a landlines. Doing this will simplify bill paying and even save you some money!
  2. Paper Towels. Paper towels are great for messes, but they’re quick to run out and expensive to continue to buy. Consider buying a towel and cutting it into small squares. Keep these squares in your kitchen, use them for messes and when you run out, run a load of laundry! It’s as simple as that and it will save you some extra cash!
  3. Exercise. While we’d like to say exercising will save you money, that’s not exactly true (though it will make you feel great and we recommend you start!). What will save you money, however, is getting rid of that gym membership. Instead, use your surroundings. Go running outside. Go for a long bike ride. Buy a jump rope, some weights and a pull up bar. You don’t need a gym to stay in shape and being a member isn’t saving you money!
  4. Shaving. Constantly buying razors and shaving cream adds up! Buy an electric razor! It’s a great investment that allows you to  easily shave without shaving cream and at anytime during the day! And guess what? This isn’t just a tip for guys either. They make electric razors for girls, too!

It doesn’t take being a part of one of the top ranked school systems in the country, the North Allegheny School District, to know how to save money (though we’re sure it helps!). All it takes is a little creativity and your savings can go a long way! For more tips and tricks on how to save, check out the Lazy Budget Chef blog here:


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