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While starting a new life in a new home is refreshing, the physical act of moving can be a pain in the butt! That’s why when moving into a new home in the Cranberry Township, North Hills Township, or Marshall Township PA area, we here at Venango Trails remind you to take a deep breath, pause and think. What can you do ahead of time? Who can you ask for help? Where are you packing the essentials you know you’ll need right away? There are many preparations and questions that once answered will make the move much more simple. Therefore, we here at Venango Trails have put together a short list to try and help the big move run a bit smoothly.


Smooth Moving

Utilities. Take it from a team of home builders in Western PA, sometimes utilities can take a while to set up. Two weeks before your move in day, it’s a good idea to call the utility, cable, internet and phone company to schedule any appointments you may need to get you situated right when you move in!

Homebase. It’s so easy to misplace important documents, keys, medications, and more when you’re dealing with the hustle and bustle of moving. Make things easy and set up a designated homebase to keep your important things in one place right when you start moving in.

Unpacking Station. Somewhere close to your homebase, set up an unpacking station. This is a good place to keep box cutters, tape, lists of ideas for your new home, and anything else that may have to do with unpacking and setting up.

Floor Plan. Get a floor plan of your home before you move in. Use this to mix and match the furniture with their designated rooms. This will help you figure out where and where not to place certain furnitures before the movers even arrive.

Children and Pets. Moving with children can be… interesting. Make life easier by involving your children. Give them certain tasks to do and accomplish, thus keeping them out of your hair and occupied. Additionally, make sure your pets tags are up-to-date with the new address and phone number. Gradually introduce your pet to your home and make sure they’re locked up and not running free in a neighborhood they don’t know yet!

New Address. You may be banking and doing your taxes online, but it’s still important to submit a change-of-address form for when you move. A week or so before you move is a good time to submit a change-of-address form, as well as changes to any billing information or subscriptions. This should give your forms enough time to be processed and changed when it comes time for the move.

Moving can be tough. When you’re moving into a custom home in Marshall Township PA, however, we here at Venango Trails are going to try to make it easier for you. Whether you’re looking to start a new life, raise a family, or move for work, keep in mind a custom home builder you can trust! Join the community and set your roots in Venango Trails.

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