Spring Activities

spring activities

Spring is here which means it is officially time to begin enjoying the outdoors again! And when you live in a brand new custom home in Marshall Township PA, you’ll find that there is a ton to do. That’s why we here at Venango Trails have put together a short list of some of our favorite spring activities that you can do, too!





Favorite Spring Activities

  1. Planting. Spring is the season of new life. And with the different therapeutic and health benefits of planting and gardening, there is no doubt that this is one of our favorite things to do! Take time this spring to plant a new tree, bushes, or even some flowers.
  2. Ride a Bike. When you pick Marshall Township PA as the place to start a new life and raise a family, you’re picking a town filled with lush trails and long beautiful roads. Take some time this spring to get on your bike and enjoy the outdoors. Not only will you reap the benefits of being outside, but it’s also a great form of exercise!
  3. Hike. Have we mentioned that Marshall Township PA is covered in trails? It’s even in our name, Venango Trails! With 88 acres of preserved land, Venango Trails is the perfect place to enjoy a hike through the serene woods.
  4. Kite Flying. Remember when you were a kid and loved the simplicity of a kite sailing through the sky? We do, too! Get outdoors this spring and enjoy the simple things. Fly a kite.
  5. BBQ. Now that you have a beautiful new custom home in the magnificent new neighborhood of Venango Trails, it’s time to enjoy it. Get outdoors and take advantage of your yard. Light up the grill, invite over some neighbors, and have a BBQ. There’s nothing like a warm spring evening, green grass in your toes and the smell of roasting asparagus hovering in the air.

If you’ve been in Western PA for the past few months, you know that it’s been a long brittle winter. Finally, it’s over! Take advantage of your new home in Pittsburgh PA with a few of our favorite spring activities. And while you’re at it, become a fan of the Venango Trails Facebook page and let the rest of us know what your favorite thing is to do in spring.

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