The American Dream Home


The American Dream. A nice house. Full bedrooms. Full bathrooms. A white picket fence and nice plot of land you can call your own. People search their whole lives for a yard to call their own. And while it’s easy to find homes for sale in Pennsylvania that have full bedrooms and bathrooms, a plot of land with a nice yard is more rare. Luckily, if you’re searching for real estate in PA, there are areas like the township of Cranberry PA, Wexford PA or right between the two, Marshall Township PA, that offer homes with large yards because we know how important it is to have one. In fact, these are our top three reasons why it’s important to own a yard.


Top 3 Reasons to Own a Home with a Yard

1. A Yard Completes a Home. While there are multiple reasons for wanting a yard, we believe one of the top reasons is because a yard completes a home. A yard is not just grass and trees, it’s something familiar. It’s something you can take pride in, care for and call your own.

2. You Can Host. When the cold weather settles down and the heat of summer comes out, it’s time to host parties and it’s time to host parties outside. A yard is perfect for hosting parties. It’s a private gathering point for friends, family and loved ones. It doesn’t spill over into anyone else’s area and it’s a great way to utilize the area you take pride in.

3. A Yard for the Children. Whether it’s because you want them out of the house or they want to be out of the house, a yard is a great place for children to learn, play, grow and explore from the boundaries of their own home. It’s a way for one to feel safe about where their children are, and a limitless place for a childs imagination.

Having been built on an area of 325 Acres88 of which are forever preservedMarshall Township’s Venango Trails is the perfect place to raise a family. It’s the perfect community to claim your plot of land and still have the means to hike and explore the 88 acres reserved for the entire community. So, fulfill the American Dream. Buy your plot of land, and choose Venango Trails.


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