The Rich History of Venango Trails


With it’s 325 acres of land (half of which is being preserved as open space), community center and Marshall Township neighborly feel, Venango Trails might seem like just another beautiful community in between McCandless Township and the township of Cranberry PA in which raising a family would be ideal. And while it certainly is ideal with it being located in the North Allegheny School District and offering affordable real estate in PA from the high $200k’s to near $2 millions, there is still something amazing about it that separates it from the rest. When you buy Venango Trails, you’re not just buying a home to raise a family and start your life, you’re buying a piece of history.


The Venango Trails homes are located on a land known as the Venango Path. Stretching from modern day Pittsburgh to the Presque Isle, PA, the Venango Path is an ancient Native American trail named after the ancient Native American city of Venango. Once used for travels and trades, the part of the Venango Path that runs through your backyard here at Venango Trails was once used by George Washington and Christopher Gist to deliver a message to the French in 1753! And when the French and Indian war began, and the French still occupied Western Pennsylvania, the path became a military road connecting the French to a string of forts they had previously built. Finally, when the British arrived and drove the French and Native American’s away from Western Pennsylvania in a series of battles, the trail was no longer used for military use and once again became of place of trade and travel!


And there you have it! When you choose to raise a family in Venango Trails, you’re not just choosing to start a family, but you’re continuing the tradition of a rich American history that happened right here in your backyard. So, raise a family the right way. Choose Venango Trails!


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