Throwing A Party

how to throw a party Venango Trails real estate Pittsburgh

We get it, we get it. You live in this beautiful custom home, freshly built in the new Marshall Township PA neighborhood, Venango Trails. And with owning such a home, there comes with it a swelling sense of pride and a need to share and show it to others. So what’s the best way to do that? Well, throwing a party of course. That’s why we here at Venango Trails have created a short list with a few simple steps on exactly how to do just that!


Throwing a Party

1. The List. With all the different people to invite, preparations to be made, and ideas to explore, throwing a party can easily become hectic and stressful. Eliminate the stress by creating a to-do list. This list will ensure that nothing is forgotten and what needs to be done is.

2. Cook Ahead. Is this a Passover seder? Is it an Easter brunch? Are there special and traditional foods to be eaten at this get together? Whatever it is, we suggest cooking ahead of time. Cooking ahead of time will save you from rushing around and forgetting things on the day of.

3. Drinks and Nibbles. When it comes to drinks and snacks, buy as if your party is larger than you intend. This will ensure that you don’t run out, and if by the end of the night you have more than enough, don’t be afraid to offer for your friends and family to take some snacks home!

4. Tidy Up. Once the cooking is finished, it’s a good idea to tidy up. Tidying up will help keep your home fresh and make it easier to clean up later on once the party is over.

5. Open Door. Sometimes inviting guests can be difficult. If you’re having trouble, consider an open door policy. With an open door policy you can feel free to invite guests you may have originally forgotten, or even allow for your guests to bring a +1 after checking with you to see if it’s okay.

6. Music. Not all parties need music, though it can be nice to have. Music can create the perfect ambiance and fill in the silences when conversations lul. When it comes to music, try to pick both neutral tunes and those that reflect the party spirit.

You’ve picked the perfect place to start your new life. You’ve picked the perfect place to raise a family. Now it’s time to show it all off by throwing the perfect party. With our many custom homes set in our traditional neighborhood design, Venango Trails is the place to be. Create a strong foundation. Set your family up for success. Plant your roots in Venango Trails.

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