Tips for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just one week away and the sweet smell of love is in the air. And now that you’re all moved into your beautiful Marshall Township PA home, you have the chance to intertwine the celebration of love with the foundation of your new life. With your new Pittsburgh PA home, Valentine’s Day is not just telling someone you love them, rather it’s an experience. So experience the magic of love and make the first Valentine’s Day in your new Pittsburgh PA home special with a few of our Valentine’s Day tips!

Valentine’s Day Tips

Breakfast. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a dinner, it’s an all day holiday and should be treated as such. Waking up a little earlier and cooking breakfast for the one you love is the perfect way to start off the day. Whether it be serving them breakfast in bed or setting the table for breakfast when you usually don’t, that little extra work will make a big difference to their morning.

Flowers. Flowers are more of a symbol than a necessity themselves. If your loved one has a favorite flower, buying a bouquet of them is a fantastic way to show you care. If your loved one is not as into flowers, buy them bouquet of something they do like. Do they like chocolate? How about a bouquet of chocolate roses?

The Letter. There is little in life more meaningful than a person’s time. Use your time to sit down and write a handwritten letter to your loved one. Tell them how much they mean to you. Then leave the letter in a place they’ll find it. This small act is both a romantic and powerful statement.

Sticky Notes. There are small details about our loved ones that make us love them even more. Maybe it’s the crinkles on their nose when they laugh. Or maybe it’s how goofy they look when food gets caught in their teeth. Whatever it is, let them know. Take a stack of sticky notes, write one thing you love about your partner on each note, and stick them around your home.

Matte a Photo. If there is a favorite photo you have of you and your loved one, get it matted and framed. On February 14th, surprise your loved one by hanging the photo on the wall where they’ll notice it.

Dinner Time. It’s nice to have dinner made for you, but it’s also sort-of adorable and lovely to make it with someone you love. Prepare your dinner table for two. Decide on a meal you know he or she loves. Have all the ingredients ready to go. And when Valentine’s night hits you can spend it in the comfort of your newVenango Trails home cooking together.

Make the first Valentine’s Day in your new housing in Pittsburgh PA special Incorporate the love of your relationship into the foundation of your new life. Make your Venango Trails home a place of loving memories and time spent together. With a few of our Venango Trails Valentine’s Day tips, there is no doubt this one will be on to remember.

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