Why Marshall Township

2Imagine a small town. One where people can feel safe. Where they know their neighbors and can trust the area around them. Imagine a town unscathed by the hustle and bustle of a city, and yet close enough to a major one that if you wanted to you could easily go there for a casual lunch. Imagine a town with seasons. Each one incredibly beautiful in its own way. The kind of beautiful you want to be around, and the kind of beautiful that, if you have them, you want your kids to grow up around. Imagine a place like this one, or you can come see it for yourself. This is Marshall Township.

Marshall Township is the best of both worlds. With its two public parks, wooded acres and historic Native American Trails, Marshall Township is a place of solitude. It’s a place of peace and it’s a place of quiet, and yet only a few minutes from Cranberry Township and about twenty from downtown Pittsburgh, living here means you can still have everything at your fingertips.

Marshall Township is for your student. If you’re wondering about school systems, you need not worry. Marshall Township is located in the North Allegheny School District. A school district which, in 2012, Pittsburgh Business Times ranked 3rd of 105 school districts in western Pennsylvania and 6th of 498 school districts in the entire Pennsylvania state.

Marshall Township is a growing community. With a population of less than 7,000 (according to the 2010 census), it’s the ideal place to start a family. It’s the perfect place to get involved, feel as if your family is included and ultimately make a difference.

So stop imagining a town that’s perfect for you and just go live in it!

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