Winter Cleaning!

Guess what i need to get around to doing.

While it may be the month with the least amount of days, February often seems like it lasts forever. Two months into winter, we here in Marshall Township PA are beginning to feel the brute force of the lasting cold. As home builders in Pittsburgh PA, however, we know that February is only the hump and once over the hump it’s just a short wait until those first beautiful spring flowers blossom throughout Venango Trails. So to help you trudge on over the winter hump, we here at Venango Trails have gathered a few tips to keep your home running smooth.


February Tips

1. Rearrange. In the sluggishness of winter, it’s easy for things to feel stale and stagnant. Combat these feeling by rearranging your furniture. Change the wall your bed is against. Put your dresser on the other side. And if you’re still feeling that staleness, try buying fresh new sheets and linens.

2. Clean. It’s natural to want to bundle up and become a winter couch potato, but often times when this happens dirt and dust will begin to gather around the house. If you’re moving your furniture, clean what’s underneath. Vacuum the carpet and mop away the street salt that you and your family trekked into your home this winter. Gather up your blankets and linens and run them through the wash.

3. Fluff. Because of the constant use of your blankets and pillow, they will more than likely be taking a beating in the winter season. The cotton will flatten out, the down with clump together, the air will escape. Put that fresh sense of warmth back into your home when you go around fluffing your blankets and pillows.

4. Cleaning Supplies. February may seem to last forever, but spring is just around the corner. Throw out your cleaning supplies that may not have worked well, or the ones you didn’t like, and restock on new supplies. Be prepared to start fresh as soon as spring arrives.

5. Furnace Filters. Because the heat is constantly running, a home’s furnace filter generally needs replacing every two or three months in the winter. Replace your furnace filter this February to ensure your heating runs more efficiently and catches more allergens.

6. Recycle. If you’re living in an award winning Venango Trails home, which is 35% more energy efficient than the Home Energy Rating System requires, then you probably care about the environment. And if you care about the environment, you probably have a pile of e-waste, such as batteries, cartridges, tech devices and more, just piled up in your home. Use February to gather your e-waste and head over to your town’s recycling center to finally get rid of it.

When you own a piece of real estate in PA, you know that the winters can be long. And now that we’ve hit February, it’s important that those of us who have decided to start a new life in a Pittsburgh PA home smoothly get over the winter hump. Conquer the harsh droll of winter with a few of our Venango Trails February tips.

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